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Working status... v 2.7.x

Posted: Tue Jan 24, 2006 3:12 am
by CGSoftLabs
v. [xx xxx 2006]
-fixed a bug; loosing iexplorer window active status, mouse trails are now distroyed;
-screen capture from popup menu can be used with timer, which was possible before only from gesture action;
-added "Force" option when saving files;this will search all resting tags for images and other stuff;
See where iexplorer couldn't detect images for "SaveAs";
-fixed yahoo search img/rank insertion;
-now Global Download Blocking Filter (when downloading pages) can be set to a specific site/homepage;so
if you have a site which you visit often, and want to speed browsing, you can block javascripts or flash files
only for that site;
-added icons for settings tree;
-fixed a bug with "Disable StatusBar modifiers" checkbox on Java Stuff;
-avoid drawing trails on flash objects;
-improved link detection (grrr don't know what to say last time i belived it was ok :P); frames,iframes,dom grrr;
-added option to run java scripts from iexplore context menu; some scripts provided (Zoom,HiLight,ShowScripts etc.);
Usage : ie for using CopyAsHtml.js just select some text on a opened page then "Run Java Script" and choose
CopyAsHtml.js; this will copy to clipboard the selected text as html;
for some scripts you may want to turn off iexplore popup blocker; the scripts are executed in the context
of frame which is under the cursor when you right click;
-action "Full Screen" for mouse gestures;
-fixed a bug on Action "Screen capture" (not taking snapshot on this action);

Posted: Wed Apr 26, 2006 11:53 am
by CGSoftLabs
well ...released today :)