Difference in Demo & Paid Version?

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Difference in Demo & Paid Version?

Post by dmahler »

Hi! I tried your CableMon as the demo version. I'm testing it to see if I can use it my courses and recommend it to my students.

I teach Internationally online for all the English Speaking Colleges and Universities. (I tried to give you the link so you can verify that I do that, but your restrictions won't allow me to post links.)

I am getting packets captured in the demo version, but I don't see any of the captures. Do I need a separate packet capture reader to use this? Or does the "pay for" version have the packet reader in it? :?

Thank you so much!
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CableMon uses WinPcap driver to monitor the traffic through selected ethernet adapter; you must have winpcap driver installed; also you can chose to monitor the traffic without that driver; in this case CableMon uses windows API which offers less functionality;

However it will track and store the traffic made for each day in current month, but only in Registered version; in any case you can't see the packets content; to do this you need a program so called sniffer (another kind of tools); also if i'm not wrong, as i remember...it will show the traffic graph only for a while in Unregistered version, then it will stop.

Due to the fact that it was coded some time ago when dialup represented the main internet acces way, it has some limitations when logging the traffic quantity; the variable used inside program are DWORD type which can handle only 4Gb of data; today you can easely do such traffic in only one day, so when the program makes the sum for one month it will overrun the 4Gb var :P

Dispite this, i belive it's a great tool; i use it on every computer i use because i'm very pleased to see the connection's traffic graph, to see when i receive or not data, why the page won't load or things like this; i didn't updeted it because the effort is to big, the proffit it's almost 0, and i preffer to code something else, in the little time i have dedicated for this.
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