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About he future of IETools (msie7 and later)

Posted: Fri Apr 18, 2008 10:04 pm
by CGSoftLabs
Well since m$ brooked the msie continuity with latest ie7 adding tabbed browsing the IETools won't work anymore; with the intrinsic PopUp blocker this feature doesn't have sense (90%) inside IETools (don't forget that IETools started as a popup blocker)

Since I have limited time, although some time ago I started the basic skeleton of the BHO for msie7, I don't see in the actual circumstances, when I'll continue this project again. It was a failure regarding benefits (one or 2 licenses sold). I would love having more time, recoding IETools again, just for my pleasure, but for the moment all my energy goes enhancing eXPressor.

Meanwhile you can use [url=,],[/url] it seems a nice plugin, and the interface looks quite similar to IETools :lol:

And btw, Firefox beats msie (I'm writing this from fox :) )